Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunny Spring

One of my favourite designers is Vivienne Westwood.
I love her quirky handbags and shoes.
I have done a blog post with a felt green large bag from Vivienne Westwood one of my best buys...

I have been using this bag for the past 2 years...

it has stayed in perfect condition. It is still as sturdy as ever which is why i love it and use it so often.
it is green felt with black PVC handles. It has a graffiti like print on and came in orange and green.

The photo above was taken on the morning before i went to work.

I am wearing...
Bag - Vivienne Westwood
ZARA blazer - bought in Paris on sale
Fur collar - taken off a TOPSHOP coat 
Blouse - Jack Wills
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

I have used the bag all weekend 
This is my outfit for Saturday day when I saw family and wandered round markets with my mum

I am wearing...
Bag - Vivienne Westwood
Jeans - Jack Wills
Chelsea Boots - Primark
T-shirt - American Apparel
Leather Jacket - Harriets
Scarf - Charity Shop
Earrings - New Look

REVIEW: My review on this particular Vivienne Westwood bag is that it has kept its colour, print and strength for a long time and i carry a lot of things in it. I use it for uni, for work and for fun. The bags are worth the money due to the quality of them. I love the colour as it is bright and gives outfits a quirky look with a stand out bag as an accessory.

Thank you,

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Student Bridal Awards...

Here are some more of the behind the scenes shots of the shoot for the finalist dresses from the international bridal awards. 

All the shots have been taken by Lorraine Mazza, if you would like to get in touch with Lorraine you can email her at  

These awards took place in Harrogate in March 2012.  The winner received an apprenticeship with amazing designer Ian Stuart...

Here are behind the scenes of the shoot in Harrogate with 3 of the dresses from the awards...

(Also just to be kind another sneak peak at a final shot of Ruths 70's inspired wedding dress)

starting with more from Ruth...

 these photos give you guys a better look at every detail on ruths complex dress, the vision she obviously wanted from her shoot and the inspiration behind her dress...

next up is Demelsa Haughton's dress, a brilliantly talented designer with some of the most creative outfits I've ever seen...

This dress is stunning, intricate details of pearls, beading and individually sewn feathers onto a beautiful boned corset.
 I can not wait to get the final shots for these! 

And finally we have one excellent shot of Marina Yasins lace jumpsuit!

a brilliant shot here of the funky hippie style Marina has gone for in the shoot! The outfit looks fantastic with the white lace, bootleg trousers and flared sleeves!
 Again really excited to see what this one off piece looks like in the final shots!

So as promised another final shot...

All these incredible final shots coming from
Joe Dodsworth photography 
for any enquiries ...
TWITTER: @JoeDodsworth

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Student Bridal Designer Awards

So today my colleague Ruth was modelling her wedding dress in a promotional shoot for RUJE sporting her lovely handmade 1970's inspired wedding dress...

This dress made it to the final 6 of the international bridal buyer awards for student bridal designer of the year...

This is a photo of Ruth at the bridal buyer awards with her dress.

The dress is made from beautiful peach chiffon, lace, duchess satin and carefully hand stitched beading.  Ruth organised a shoot with Joe Dodsworth professional photographer, where 3 dresses from the competition have been modelled by Ruth herself. Currently i am only promoting Ruths as the other pictures have not yet been edited. 

 This is a taster of the shots from today!

The final shots I will be blogging about hopefully by the weekend! I am eagerly awaiting the designers approval on the shots!

behind the scenes

these are amazing photos that were taken behind the scenes of the shoot. 

I am really excited to get the photos from the other two dresses aswell, we have a dress from demelsa haughton made with a feather bodice, and a lace trouser suit from Marina Yasin.


This stunning 1970s inspired dress looks incredible on Ruth who has designed and made the dress herself.  A deserving finalist to the awards and I am proud to have her as my business partner! So excited to get some shoots together for RUJE.

If you would like to contact me or Ruth please email,

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

gypsy layers

Cardigan - New Look

Top - All Saints

Leggings - Jack Wills

Earrings - Topshop

Shoes - Boohoo

Socks - New Look

work hard play hard

the moto last week...
work hard.
and i did.

The work...

This is one of my designs for my autumn winter collection it is a tyedye backless twisted seam dress. I'm really excited to see the finished collection as i have just had my beautiful aubergine fishnet delivered...

this is my fishnet that i have sourced from ebay to make my mini collection for autumn winter 2012...
It is aubergine with a mixture of greens and burnt orange.  It is lovely soft and elasticated material.
I will use it to make a male vest, an under dress for the cotton dress above & a full length skirt with train.

This is Ruth, my friend and colleague of RUJE.
Ruth proudly made it to the final 6 of the
International Bridal Buyer Student Designer of the Year awards
the dress is beautiful and is in a shoot this week.  Sadly i can not be at the shoot due to my mum being ill so we are looking for a make up artist for the shoot on Wednesday 21st March, in Harrogate.


So when i have been shopping lately i found this beautiful vintage beaded 1920's style dress. I am in love with this dress and hope that when i go back it is still there!

Next on my list when i was shopping was to get some beautifying material! 
I really needed some new foundation and moisturisers and have found that this clarins for young skin range is amazing!
I have loved the everyday moisturiser and my skin feels softer already :)

my new earrings...
i love my new ear cuff, and found it looked really funky on my night out...
This me and my friend emma, actually taking the mick out of me! she says i always put my hair to one side in pictures, the cheek!
Anyway we are both wearing a new Chanel lipstick of Emmas, i did not catch the name but its a dark winey red! and I loved it! 

Me and Alix before Leeds...

i'm wearing cross vest from new look, shrug from Aqua By Aqua Leeds 
black A symmetrical midi skirt from New look.

This night out was incredible but jesus i paid for it the day after!
Far too much Jagermeister on Call Lane
but well worth it!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

little obsessions

an obsession of mine is art, i haven't found time to paint lately but i hope that in summer i will be able to, this is one of my favourite paintings.


I am obsessed with shoes and i need a room just for shoes.

SUN SUN SUN... i adore the sun and i am so excited to be going on holiday with two girlies in june to Greece!

clothes... an absolute shopping addiction

make up... laura mercer, bobbi brown and Nars are my favourites

Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring Chicken

my life the past couple of weeks

 So these are a few of my instagram photos. Starting from the top that was this weekend with the girls.  I was wearing my new charity shop vintage cami that is shown in the picture on the right. I also used the feather clutch. 

You can also see my new thing 'Liquid Lent' basically I think like most girls i've tried every diet under the sun so now I'm trying a liquid diet, mainly using slim fast shakes and soups!
Surprisingly I'm quite enjoying it, i have one normal balanced meal a day aswell as the shakes! i've not been doing it for long so i will let you know how it goes...

There is also a picture with me, my nana & my mum. 
2012 i have set myself the goal to spend more quality time with the people who mean the most to me, starting with family <3 

The bottom left is a photo of one of my tops from my autumn winter collection where i have enjoyed making, dying and experimenting with seams and colour.

Spring Chicken

I feel like i haven't blogged in a while! for me anyway. So i thought i would also blog about some of the old and new brands that have been catching my eye. Starting with Lavish Alice & Love Clothing.
The photos Here are from Lavish Alice! One of my favourite new brands! This is a perfect spring outfit for anyone who doesn't want to go too bright or too girly! 

These are photos from a brand i have recently discovered called Love...
these are a few of my favourite picks from the website. I can't wait to get my hands on the headpiece for Spring/Summer & importantly the vogue festival!

These are some items from Missguided. The blue shoes are so bright and I love them! The aztec leggings are really on trend this season and incorporate pastel and brights. The crop top is from River Island but would go perfect with the leggings.

These items are from River Island, I bought the pencil skirt at the weekend, I also bought the top but in a neon pink. But i couldn't find that colour on the website.  The shoes are awesome and would brighten up any outfit!