Monday, 28 November 2011

28th November... bridal...

Today I have finalised my entries for the international bridal competition, i have used a 1950's Dior theme.  
I have decided on a opera coat and a slim fitting dress to go underneath showing off the female figure with an extravagant twist with the overcoat.  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

bridal design

I am entering a bridal competition with university, my theme being the 1920's.  Looking at dior from the 1950's has really inspired my dress design, Dior went against the other designers and used lots of materials and was very flamboyant and glamorous, something that could of been rejected after the war.  The war impacted on the whole world, in every way. Designers had to make there clothing appropriate for what was going on at the time, people could not be walking round in huge dresses with bright colours and happy themes when people everyday were fighting for there country.

 Dior in the 1950's wanted to change fashion, it had been so dreary and cheapened.  Christian Dior went against critics and made glamorous luxurious clothing, it could have been his downfall but instead was probably the most memorable era for Dior yet.

My dress is inspired not from the meters of material put into huge circular skirts, but, from his designs of figure hugging feminine pencil skirts and opera coats...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

lydia Bright

Whilst being bed ridden today I have been constantly looking at blogs and websites to help with my own...

i came across, lydia brights from towie.  Although she seems to of not posted on her blog for a while, she had an amazing collection of photos of beautiful dresses and her opinions on fashion.  I entered bella sorella in my search engine and was pleasently surprised with a beautiful photo shoot with some of the items from bella sorella! i was amazed!!

Although, the shop itself was not shoppable or viewable online! Lydia Bright definately needs to bob some images on a blog as I am dying to see more of the clothing! It must be a beautiful little shop and without having to travel to Brentwood I would love to see some piccies!

Hopefully one day I will have my own little boutique, and people will be dying to see my stock!

trying to tweet


laid in bed today poorly, really hurt my back and trying to find inspiration for wedding dresses looking at the most beautiful 1950's gowns with opera coats!!

i will post some photos of my design ideas later on...

Sunday, 20 November 2011


my illustration of my sculptural design... CARPE NOCTEM 'sieze the night'

having so much fun with these designs, here you can see how i have added areas to the back of the dress at the last minute, i am so excited to get this dress made up! 

wedding dresses

Really struggling to get ideas together for a wedding dress design!

Looking at 1950s dior- AMAZING