Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring Chicken

my life the past couple of weeks

 So these are a few of my instagram photos. Starting from the top that was this weekend with the girls.  I was wearing my new charity shop vintage cami that is shown in the picture on the right. I also used the feather clutch. 

You can also see my new thing 'Liquid Lent' basically I think like most girls i've tried every diet under the sun so now I'm trying a liquid diet, mainly using slim fast shakes and soups!
Surprisingly I'm quite enjoying it, i have one normal balanced meal a day aswell as the shakes! i've not been doing it for long so i will let you know how it goes...

There is also a picture with me, my nana & my mum. 
2012 i have set myself the goal to spend more quality time with the people who mean the most to me, starting with family <3 

The bottom left is a photo of one of my tops from my autumn winter collection where i have enjoyed making, dying and experimenting with seams and colour.

Spring Chicken

I feel like i haven't blogged in a while! for me anyway. So i thought i would also blog about some of the old and new brands that have been catching my eye. Starting with Lavish Alice & Love Clothing.
The photos Here are from Lavish Alice! One of my favourite new brands! This is a perfect spring outfit for anyone who doesn't want to go too bright or too girly! 

These are photos from a brand i have recently discovered called Love...
these are a few of my favourite picks from the website. I can't wait to get my hands on the headpiece for Spring/Summer & importantly the vogue festival!

These are some items from Missguided. The blue shoes are so bright and I love them! The aztec leggings are really on trend this season and incorporate pastel and brights. The crop top is from River Island but would go perfect with the leggings.

These items are from River Island, I bought the pencil skirt at the weekend, I also bought the top but in a neon pink. But i couldn't find that colour on the website.  The shoes are awesome and would brighten up any outfit!



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