Tuesday, 20 March 2012

work hard play hard

the moto last week...
work hard.play hard.
and i did.

The work...

This is one of my designs for my autumn winter collection it is a tyedye backless twisted seam dress. I'm really excited to see the finished collection as i have just had my beautiful aubergine fishnet delivered...

this is my fishnet that i have sourced from ebay to make my mini collection for autumn winter 2012...
It is aubergine with a mixture of greens and burnt orange.  It is lovely soft and elasticated material.
I will use it to make a male vest, an under dress for the cotton dress above & a full length skirt with train.

This is Ruth, my friend and colleague of RUJE.
Ruth proudly made it to the final 6 of the
International Bridal Buyer Student Designer of the Year awards
the dress is beautiful and is in a shoot this week.  Sadly i can not be at the shoot due to my mum being ill so we are looking for a make up artist for the shoot on Wednesday 21st March, in Harrogate.


So when i have been shopping lately i found this beautiful vintage beaded 1920's style dress. I am in love with this dress and hope that when i go back it is still there!

Next on my list when i was shopping was to get some beautifying material! 
I really needed some new foundation and moisturisers and have found that this clarins for young skin range is amazing!
I have loved the everyday moisturiser and my skin feels softer already :)

my new earrings...
i love my new ear cuff, and found it looked really funky on my night out...
This me and my friend emma, actually taking the mick out of me! she says i always put my hair to one side in pictures, the cheek!
Anyway we are both wearing a new Chanel lipstick of Emmas, i did not catch the name but its a dark winey red! and I loved it! 

Me and Alix before Leeds...

i'm wearing cross vest from new look, shrug from Aqua By Aqua Leeds 
black A symmetrical midi skirt from New look.

This night out was incredible but jesus i paid for it the day after!
Far too much Jagermeister on Call Lane
but well worth it!!

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