Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday 31st January

I feel like I have not blogged in soooo long!
I have been a busy bee in the past week with uni...

Project number 1 my mini collection.  I've chose to do autumn winter '13 and using an oddity ocean theme. 
Project number 2 is a lingerie design for playful promises! Playful promises are a company in London who design flirty sexy underwear for ladies!

I am really excited to enter the playful promises competition, I have been researching the company and find that I am going to have to do something very cheeky to get some attention from playful promises! designs to come!

I have been for a lovely tea tonight at Cafe Marinetti in Horsforth!  We decided to go to this small Italian family run restaurant because Pizza Express is opening up on the same street and i believe its important to look at individually owned companies to help people during this economic climate.  

I got my hair done today and had it a bit lighter! I really love it... its UBER long now!
Outfit for my meal tonight was my Classic Chanel bag, Aqua by Aqua Cardigan/shawl, leather leggings from Topshop, Rolling Stones vintage tee from Tea and Cake, and my latest purchase black chelsea boots from Primark!!
My Favourite purchase this month is...
My little tribal shoes from Primark! Bargain and they are so cute! xxx
My shoes are beginning to take over my flat... so i thought what the hell if they can't fit in the wardrobes bob them on display :) 

I have spent a lot of this month tidying my wardrobe to realise I need to stop buying going out clothes... february is dedicated to buying casual items! 

My new Pink Lipstick from Jack Wills.
So uni tomorrow and lots of pattern cutting ahead for outfit number 1 my mens suit... 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


If you don't wanna see Rihanna in her underwear or a tight pair of jeans... close this blog now.  if you do check out the pics below...

Yes she looks amazing and i now want to own Armani underwear & a pair of Armani jeans. Objective achieved Armani.

Tuesday 17th January


 Today i have been working on my mini collection and been looking specifically into male fashion.
 I am doing a 3 piece collection of outfits one of which is going to be a male outfit.
 I have been looking at the influences of oddity which means peculiar clashing, but beautiful fashion. I have also looked at Indian male fashion and tailoring.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday 16th January

  So the golden globes took place in the US last night and I have been looking at the outfits all evening...
 Most of the dresses were fantastic, but there were a few red carpet errors.  My favourite looks were Dianna Agron, Zoe the 'new girl' star & more...

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Dianne Argon in Giles

Lea Michele in Marchesa

Zoe 'New Girl' star in Prada

The worst dressed...
ERIN WASSON WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING!  This will be an outfit I hope never sees the red carpet AGAIN!

Sarah Michelle Gellar says she let her child pick her dress... big mistake... this  makes for one unflattering dress.
Best accessories go to Elle Macpherson...
Best dressed at the after party...
surprisingly I loved Lindsay Lohans outfit to the after party its been a while since we've seen her looking classy not trashy but she nailed her look last night in Prada...
Kim Kardashian did also not let down the ranks. looking elegant in all black lace dress with vintage jewellery and beautiful make up, looking sophisticated and demure.

Other than looking at pictures from the Golden Globes, I have spent all day recovering from the gym yesterday.  The pilates class I did definitely worked muscles I've never used before. The smallest sneeze today and my core muscles were aching! So for anyone who says pilates is useless i challenge you to try it for a few weeks and deep the results.  Ive got so addicted to INSTAGRAM i joined yesterday and can't stop uploading photos and noseying at others! 


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday - My first Pilates class

So today I did my first Pilates class of 2012. Wow, I was so pleased with the class! It genuinely is such a good form of exercise you feel energised, toned and worked!

I was so pleased with the overall method of Pilates, it's all about strengthening your core muscles and helping with posture, muscle development and toning. I genuinely did not expect to be sweating after a class but I was. I fell in love with the music and the whole vibe, my favourite part was definitely the relaxing at the end of the session and focussing on your breathing. This helps you to develop your breathing skills helping you to achieve maximum oxygen levels to your muscles. I actually went for a run after my class and I felt energised and could run for longer than normal. I have already signed up to go to next weeks class! Soon to be a Pilates addict I'm sure!
I would recommend to anyone... :)

So after my gym session today I of corse went to my mum and dads home, and had a lovely Sunday lunch with the family including my beautiful nieces...

Sunday morning hope.
Well today is a day devoted to the gym for me, my new years resolution has been to get fitter and more body confident, something most girls can probably relate to spesh after Christmas!
So today's my favourite day for the gym, im starting with a Pilates class, a run as I'm training for a half marathon in May. I'll be heading back to the gym this afternoon for a game of squash! Soo much fun, and after squash a well deserved swim and relax in the jacuzzi.

All this effort simply because Sunday means time for a Sunday dinner at my mums-yummy!

Starting the day right! ...

Friday, 13 January 2012

January recipes

Here are some of my favourite recipes this january! A couple of which I have tried recently when I've had a few girls round for dinner .
I tried the king scallops with chorizo and also the chicken stuffed with mozzarella. They both went down really well! Especially the scallops I served the chicken with a cheddar and bacon mash, I would recommend having a spinach/rocket salad on the side just to take some of the heaviness off!

All of the recipes are off the good food website for the bbc..


Spring summer

So 2012 is a new year and what definitely looks like its going to be a huge one for fashion. We have Stella McCartney using beautiful ocean themes, Valentino with beautiful 1920s glamour. This season is so exciting it's all about getting rid of these dreary winter clothes and embracing the sun the colours and a new lease of life!
On the other hand 1920's glamour is taking over the catwalk and is just incredible!!
Here are a few of my favourite images from the catwalk this coming spring summer. The brighter more casual looks are from Ralph lauren! shocking but pleasant surprise for me as I haven't ever been to impressed by Ralph lauren designs but this collection is Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


The beautiful lady Gaga's impact on fashion in 2011
From the wacky and creative, to the beautiful and intricate, 
here are some of her amazing outfits, designed by leading design houses worldwide...