Tuesday, 28 February 2012



The main feature of these posts are my new boots.
I bought these last week from Primark for around £10.
They were really cheap, they are really comfortable, and feel and look lovely!
make up from Laura mercier & Bobbi Brown
full description on http://lookbook.nu/look/3126545-Majestic-Purple

Jeggings- HandM
Cardi- AquabyAqua
Scarf- Market
Clutch- BCBG
Boots- Primark
Earrings- Primark

blouse- primark
vest- topshop
pendant- primark
ring- ASOS
jeans- JackWills
Boots- Primark

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rock Chic

Evening guys
I know i put this look on my blog the other day but I never explained it. So this was my first post to Lookbook.  I haven't been on the site long so need lots of love support and 'hype's 

So my outfit consists of
  1. cardigan- from my mum
  2. t-shirt- vintage from t&cake
  3. leggings- h and m
  4. chelsea boots- primark
  5. handbag- mulberry tillie sparkle tweed
  6. jewellery- selected boutiques such as, Pandora, HarveyNichols, & links of London
  7. Socks- JackWills

I have got so much use from my t-shirt, its definitely one of my best buys...
Here is a photo of me wearing the t-shirt and leggings but with an Aqua By Aqua shawl/cardigan and classic Chanel bag.
This is my mulberry bag from the shots, i love the bag i bought it last summer... meaning this summer needs a new one.
Any thoughts on colour, style...?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Agent Provocateur... Rosie Huntington Whiteley...Wow!



     This is possibly the sexiest, funniest video of 2012!

Boys watch till the end to see what your girlfriend may do if you forget Valentines...

Girls grab some ideas... <3

Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday 6th February

Today has been quite a fun day... Ive been in uni and had made a pattern from pattern magic 1. Ive been doing some #spring cleaning and looking at my favourite #spring colour. #palepink. As usual I stood the daily battle of choosing what to wear...
uni books

•I had friends over last night and made a beautiful meal with Em...
emma and leigh relaxing after a big tea!

the decisions in the morning...
My outfit today is a...
1.CARDIGAN. aquabyaqua
3.DRESS. h&m
4.PIRATE BOOTS. vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots

Mondays Outfit

Male t-shirt design I've been working on today.  nice stretchy material that fits the body nicely. I have altered the pattern after this by adding darts. Pictures on INSTAGRAM later...it will eventually be dyed, perfected and i will trial out some different techniques on the t-shirt, eg. printing/scorring/stamping/bleaching...

pattern from pattern magic 1  then adapted

Today I have been feeling extra girly...
A few of my instagram shots today of my perfect spring colour...

     #palePink #pink
instagram @jessyjayne_xox
MAKEUP from LauraMercier
LIPPY from JackWills


Girly Undies… My Fave Buy of the Week…xox
Jack Wills bra. Feeling all #dotty today
My toesies all #Barbie Pink and my lovely Spring Flowers
Pale Pink new Spring Colours from #JackWillS


Had my hair done this week, had lots of lighter tones
put through it.
i've also had some layers put in round my
face as it was looking long and limp.
VO5 perfect for giving your hair a lift, and the ST.Tropez for an everyday glow when we're all looking pale after Christmas...