Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rock Chic

Evening guys
I know i put this look on my blog the other day but I never explained it. So this was my first post to Lookbook.  I haven't been on the site long so need lots of love support and 'hype's 

So my outfit consists of
  1. cardigan- from my mum
  2. t-shirt- vintage from t&cake
  3. leggings- h and m
  4. chelsea boots- primark
  5. handbag- mulberry tillie sparkle tweed
  6. jewellery- selected boutiques such as, Pandora, HarveyNichols, & links of London
  7. Socks- JackWills

I have got so much use from my t-shirt, its definitely one of my best buys...
Here is a photo of me wearing the t-shirt and leggings but with an Aqua By Aqua shawl/cardigan and classic Chanel bag.
This is my mulberry bag from the shots, i love the bag i bought it last summer... meaning this summer needs a new one.
Any thoughts on colour, style...?

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