Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday 31st January

I feel like I have not blogged in soooo long!
I have been a busy bee in the past week with uni...

Project number 1 my mini collection.  I've chose to do autumn winter '13 and using an oddity ocean theme. 
Project number 2 is a lingerie design for playful promises! Playful promises are a company in London who design flirty sexy underwear for ladies!

I am really excited to enter the playful promises competition, I have been researching the company and find that I am going to have to do something very cheeky to get some attention from playful promises! designs to come!

I have been for a lovely tea tonight at Cafe Marinetti in Horsforth!  We decided to go to this small Italian family run restaurant because Pizza Express is opening up on the same street and i believe its important to look at individually owned companies to help people during this economic climate.  

I got my hair done today and had it a bit lighter! I really love it... its UBER long now!
Outfit for my meal tonight was my Classic Chanel bag, Aqua by Aqua Cardigan/shawl, leather leggings from Topshop, Rolling Stones vintage tee from Tea and Cake, and my latest purchase black chelsea boots from Primark!!
My Favourite purchase this month is...
My little tribal shoes from Primark! Bargain and they are so cute! xxx
My shoes are beginning to take over my flat... so i thought what the hell if they can't fit in the wardrobes bob them on display :) 

I have spent a lot of this month tidying my wardrobe to realise I need to stop buying going out clothes... february is dedicated to buying casual items! 

My new Pink Lipstick from Jack Wills.
So uni tomorrow and lots of pattern cutting ahead for outfit number 1 my mens suit... 

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