Tuesday, 3 January 2012



 Been spending a few days looking at inspiration for a mini collection. An inspirational album for me this autumn has been Florence and the machine. I would recommend the album to anyone, the article i read in vogue with an interview from Florence changed the album for me.

 The album is about personal things to the artist, a death of a relative, dreams and aspirations. I lost my granddad this year and found the album really related to how I was feeling.  The songs and voice are so powerful and i think has to be one of the best albums of 2011.   My favourite song was a track called never let me go, click the link below to listen to a live version. Beautiful. X

Today I got my new gadget for 2012 I have been spending all night playing and downloading apps! So far I'm loving it butnthe only thing is I'm going to have to get a wireless keyboard! As any girl would I've been looking at cases, Louis Vuitton, mulberry & Marc Jacobs! The lists are Endless! I'm so worried about damaging it that really one of these items must be a MUST!!! Definitely find that I will get on with uni work and blogging better now, so here goes to entries on my iPad... 

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